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Our Retirement Process-The Three "R's"

Retirement Readiness

Whether it's making sure you're paying the lowest amount of taxes in retirement or that you're saving enough to achieve your retirement goals, retirement readiness is an essential part of planning. At JHP we believe that whether you're retired, close to retirement, or years away everyone should review their financial plan to determine if their retirement is on track.


When you have completed a full financial review with JHP, we can help you understand what you own in your retirement portfolio. Are your investments and products accomplishing your retirement readiness goal? How much are you paying for products and services? Understanding what you own and why you own it is essential in order to be comfortable in both pre-and post-retirement.


Are you getting the best results from your financial plan and products? Once you understand what you own and why you own it you may find that there are other investment or product options that may achieve the same goal by either being less expensive, less aggressive or a better fit for your value system. Or maybe no changes need to be made. Either way you will feel more confident in your ability to enjoy a long, stable retirement after completing JHP's process.